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Products for thermal solutions - is the aim of ADEO


ADEO is a specialist in thermal designs. Supporting:  medical-, industrial-, white good-, consumer-, instruments-, lightning- and also automotive projects all over the world.

The products we offer to any thermal management solution are:

heat pipes & heater foils     


Engineering takes place in Europe. We support, if needed, our customers by video conferencing with our know-how.

Production facility we moved to Darlingshan (China, Dongguan). Dongguan is well known for the broad range of companies which are dedicated to the electronic market. The access to well educated workers, raw material and international transportation facilities is our main key to our success.

High class engineering combined with perfect production enviorment 


ADEO company goals
- we provide deep technical support 
- we follow international ethik rules
       (no children work, working conditions, health care)
- we follow international NDA agreements
- shipped parts are tested  

ADEO marketing goals
- we have highest technical reputation for heatpipe solutions 
- we show our services in international exhibitions 
- we have a good sales network - worldwide 

ADEO production goals
- we fullfill the customer expectations (low-cost to high-end, small to high volume)
- we follow clear production processes 
- we store all testing results

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