ADEO description of heat spreader is; implementing a flatt or round heatpipe inside of a base material. 

ADEO_ PLATE heat spreader

PLATE_based heat spreaders
The basic shape of a plate heatspreader is normally given by a sheet sized material. Standard is aluminium, but on costumer request also other sheet material can be used. In case of aluminium normally the thickness start's by 4 mm going to .....


EXTRUSION_based heat spreaders
The basic shape of the thermal system is given by an extrusion profile. Tooling and production is provided by ADEO. As industrial standard aluminium extrusion material AL-6061 or AL-6063 is giving the basic shape. ADEO heatpipes can be inplemented, combining several extrusion profile to one thermal system. Do not hesitate to ask ADEO for support 


ADEO_ MOLDING heat spreader

DIE CAST_based heat spreaders
The basic shape of the thermal system is given by a molded die-cast part. In a second step ADEO heatpipes is/are implemented. The adding of heatpipes help distribute the heating power over a bigger surface or moves to heat from one point to a second.

MAGNESIUM_based heat spreaders
The basic shape of the heatspreader is given by a molded, casted magnesium part. This rather high level solution is used when weight becomes an important issue. The ADEO solution is helping to boost the thermal performance of any magnesium design

All tools, fixtures, marking and testing is done by us. We can be your "one-stop-shopping" system supplier

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ADEO Heatpipe coldplate heatspreader coolplate

ADEO Heatspreader 19 Zoll rack cooler

ADEO Heatspreader big plate - heat kicker

ADEO Heatspreader embedded in extrusion profile

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