some very standard applications are the entry point of ADEO to the heat-pipe market. We can support our customers in following basic applications:

POINT-to-POINT_heat pipe  
is one or several heatpipes connection hotspots with cooling areas. Normally the heatpipe gives the basic shape of the cooling system. For cooler systems also the ADEO_low Temp (-LT) heatpipe can be used in combination with TE (peltier) moduls. Or hotspot's on an assembled circuit board can be connected and the heat moved to a cooling section (like heatsink) or the heatpipe has already assembled fins for fan cooling. We do design support, tools, fixture, production, marking and testing at ADEO.  

FAN-Cooler_heat pipe
very common are all kind of fan cooled heatpipe systems. ADEO is open to all kind of custom-made designs. The market shows to our customer a very wide range of design freedom. We support this market trends with adding plastic molds (air guide) or die-cast parts (ruggedized application) and/or steel punched parts.

SIMPLE_ heat pipe       link to CATALOG standard heat pipe
Selling heatpipes without any treatment, support, nor testing is not the aim/goal of ADEOIf you have inquiries in OEM quantities pls contact us. We support mainly requirements for machine- and control-units industry, medical industry, white goods and at "C" & "D" classified parts in the automotive industry.

ADEO_Standard  (-ST)
OEM quantity we offer: sintered version, optimized for electronic equipments,  optimum
working point +45°C

ADEO_Low Temp (-LT)
OEM quantity we offer: sintered low temperature version, water plus additive, without freezing until -15°C

ADEO_High Temp  (-HT)
OEM quantity we offer:  sintered heatpipe for injection mold tools, optimum working point  +125°C


Stainless steel_heat pipe    link to CATALOG standard heat pipe

Picking up are stainless steel heatpipes. We follow the demand with 2 versions:

Stainless steel heat pipe   - standard temp range  (working point at 45°C)
Stainless steel heat pipe   - high temp range (working point 120°C, higher on request)


Adeo stainless steel heat pipe - edelstahl heat pipe




Please do not hesitate to contact ADEO for further informations. We support you with designs in SolidWorks, Creo or Catia native data. Although prefered is any kind of industrial 3D data (stp, step, igs and others)  pls use our contact form

ADEO Heatpipes

ADEO Heatpipes

ADEO Heatpipes

ADEO Heatpipes

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