Design guide   (for heat pipe applications)

basics / FAQ:

heatpipes have over 20 years lifetime

heatpipes do not degrade, stable performance*

heatpipes can be used in all direction* 

heatpipes have over 30 production steps

heatpipes needs to be adjusted* to your specifications

heatpipes are just as good as the overall thermal design

heatpipes do not cool, they move very efficient heat 

heatpipes always move heat to the coolest section 

heatpipes have no valve for "uni" direction use 

heatpipes fins can be very thin*, therefore very powerfull 

heatpipes is not a flexible tube 

heatpipes can be made fragile or ruggedized*


heatpipe technology:

As heatpipes are introduced in the market some decades ago, there has been a lot of production technologies (versions) of heatpipes in the market. In the last years the position free use (all angles) are the main factor, which is giving to the sinter technology the market lead. Adeo is producing almost generally for "water filler" - see working temperature - sintered heatpipes:

Groove (channel) heat pipe          mostly used in heatkicker (high power), vertical use,
                                                     low cost technology
Mesh (metall or fiber) heat pipe   mostly used in other fluids than water 

Sintered (granulate) heat pipe     for ADEO the standard heatpipe, gravity free use,
                                                    adjustable, flatable, bendable, stable process


design rules: 

Normally the heatpipe need to be bended or giving some design advantages if the heatpipe has a flatness shape. What can I do and what about performance:


Performance after bending  
each bending has a small derating, generally it is generally positive to try to avoid multiple bendings


Performance in flatness 
flattening heat pipes result a performance derating, please take the below scala as indication. Adjustements to best performance is still possible


Performance of liquids  
there are several fillers (liquid) available - see below, never the less water has the best performance - and is for industrial heat pipe in general the standard filler liquid 

Please do not hesitate for more informations, we limit our design guide to the most common questions. Further information and support please contact us. 

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